My Policy Priorities

Whatever the issue, Stephanie will stand up and fight for what is right.

Women & Reproductive Freedom

The recent news of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade is devastating. It means the end of a longstanding legal precedent which protected abortion rights nationwide, and in Utah, the immediate halt to abortion access at any stage, leaving thousands of Utah women without access to comprehensive reproductive care. Outlawing abortions will never make them go away. It only makes them more dangerous, especially for women of low economic means or those belonging to marginalized communities.

I support reproductive freedom and will fight against prohibitive abortion bans and burdensome policies that restrict access to birth control or reproductive care. I am also committed to equal rights for women and believe we must pass legislation to eliminate the gender pay gap, increase work-family supports, ratify the ERA, improve the availability of childcare, and ensure families have access to affordable healthcare.


Gun Control

We MUST take meaningful action to end gun violence. There are many things we can do at the local level to impose sensible gun regulations that will reduce violence and keep our children safe. Among these, Utah should:
1. Implement a ‘red flag’ law, which would allow a friend or family member to petition the court for an order to temporarily prevent an individual in crisis from accessing a gun;
2. Require universal background checks;
3. Raise the age requirement for firearm purchase from 18 to 21;
4. Impose a waiting period following the sale or purchase of a gun; and
5. Ban the sale of assault rifles.


Clean Air & the Environment

Air pollution impacts our quality of life. The inversion and ozone along the Wasatch Front is bad for our health and bad for our economy. We must work to clean up our air, reduce vehicle emissions, and encourage more green energy use. Climate change is a generational problem, but with innovative solutions and bold leadership, we can take action to reverse its course.
1. Encourage innovative public transportation solutions that reduce carbon emissions, such as free bus or TRAX fare on orange or red air days;
2. Provide subsidies to help low-income drivers trade in old cars for newer vehicles that pollute less;
3. Create incentives for environmental conservation efforts, such as subsidies for ‘green’ development, construction of zero energy buildings, environmentally conscious business practices, etc.
4. Support public agencies that oversee environmental protection efforts by ensuring they have adequate resources to address increasing environmental protection needs.


LGBTQ+ & Equal Rights

Our LGBTQ+ community deserve to be treated with dignity and fairness, to receive equal protection under the law, and to live a life of authenticity. As a member of the House of Representatives, I have fought alongside organizations like Equality Utah against anti-trans laws, and I will continue to stand against hate and fight for our LGBTQ+ community. We must work together to build safe communities, ensure access to healthcare, and create a Utah that is more equitable, just, and kind.


Good Government

Utah has a robust vote-by-mail system and an online process for registering to vote. These policies make voting more accessible and encourage high voter turnout. We must protect this right by defending the vote-by-mail system, ensuring a comprehensive citizen initiative process, and upholding the will of the people via voter-led efforts. We should also provide civic engagement literacy classes for young people to become familiar with and more engaged with the political process.


Affordable Housing

Utah is experiencing a housing crisis. Our population is growing faster than ever before, yet our housing isn’t keeping up with our growth. The cost of living is skyrocketing, and more Utah families are struggling to pay rent and make ends meet. I believe that housing is a human right. I will fight to increase investments in affordable housing, defend renters’ and homeowners’ rights, and work to keep housing prices down while preserving the character of historic neighborhoods.

Public Education

This past legislative session we saw several attacks to our public schools and our teachers — from efforts to implement a private voucher program, to threats to per-pupil funding, to efforts to micro-manage our teachers. We must support our teachers and invest in our public school system.
1. Increase funding for public schools and invest in innovative programs that enhance student learning;
2. Provide competitive teacher salaries, pension plans and other incentives to attract and retain qualified teachers;
3. Ensure teachers, counselors, and administrators receive continued progressional development training;
4. Increase students’ exposure to STEM fields as well as the arts, culture, and music; and
5. Pass comprehensive sex education.


Criminal Justice Reform

I am an advocate for innovation and reform in the criminal justice system. Our system should focus on restitution and rehabilitation, not excessive jail sentences and fines that leave individuals in a cycle of dept. Among my policy priorities, we should:
1. Ensure all individuals accused of a crime are fairly represented by establishing a statewide indigent criminal defense system;
2. Prioritize rehabilitation by increasing access to drug treatment programs and accessible mental health care;
3. Implement pretrial risk assessment tools that help determine appropriate pretrial release conditions that focus on that individual’s risk to the community, not how much money they have;
4. Maintain public control over state prisons; and
5. Legalize recreational marijuana.