On Education

Stephanie believes in high quality education for every child. Investing in Utah schools is an investment in our children; it enriches their educational experience and sets them up for a successful future.
•  Increase funding for public schools and invest in innovative programs that enhance student learning
• Provide competitive teacher salaries, pension plans, and other incentives to attract and retain qualified, highly-skilled teachers
•  Ensure teachers, counselors, and administrators received continued professional development training (and training on cultural sensitivity, gender stereotypes, etc.)
•  Increase students’ exposure to STEM fields
•  Support programs that promote meaningful exposure to the arts, culture, and music
•  Promote comprehensive sex education
•  Ensure a competitive process for obtaining a teaching license

On Criminal Justice

Stephanie is an advocate for innovation and reform in the criminal justice system. Stephanie believes that our criminal justice programs should focus on restitution and rehabilitation, not excessive jail sentences and fines that leave individuals in a cycle of debt.
•  Ensure all individuals accused of a crime are fairly represented by establishing a statewide indigent criminal defense system
•  Prioritize rehabilitation by increasing access to drug treatment programs and accessible mental health care
•  Implement pretrial risk assessment tools that determine whether an individual should be held before trial based on whether that person poses a risk to the community, not whether they can afford bail
•  Increase transparency in the legal process and ensure every individual accused of a crime has the opportunity to hear a plea deal or negotiate a resolution of their case prior to appearing before a judge
•  Maintain public control over state prisons

On Work & Family

Provide incentives that encourage businesses to implement family-friendly workplace policies, such as paid family leave, childcare support, adequate health care coverage, breastfeeding accommodations, etc.
•  Increase work-family supports for state employees
•  Tackle the challenges involving access to childcare, such as increased daycare centers, tax subsidies for childcare costs, infant-at-work programs, etc.
•  Ensure families have access to affordable, quality healthcare, regardless of their insurance status
•  Support legislation that increases the minimum wage and ensures all workers earn a livable income

On Redistricting & Voter Engagement

Voters should choose their elected officials — not the other way around.
•  Ensure fairness in the election process by implementing an independent, bipartisan redistricting commission
•  Improve accessibility in the voting process; increase opportunities for all Utahns to exercise their right to vote.
•  Promote policies that make voting easier for Utahns, such as automatic voter registration, same day voter registration, etc.
•  Provide civic engagement literacy classes for young Utahns to become familiar with and more engaged with the political process

On the Environment

Pursue innovative solutions to Utah’s increasing air quality problems, expand use of renewable energy sources, and increase pollution monitoring efforts and research programs.
•  Provide incentives for environmental conservation efforts, such as subsidies for ‘green’ development, construction of zero energy buildings, environmentally conscious business practices, etc.
•  Invest in public education campaigns that encourage green living and reduced wastefulness (responsible consumerism)
•  Support policy that encourages innovative public transportation methods and reduces carbon emissions, such a free rides on orange or red air days
•  Support public agencies that oversee environmental protection efforts by ensuring they have adequate resources to address increasing environmental protection needs